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is quite well-balanced and is faithful towards his duty and also towards his friend.
Henry is an interesting story. Hence he could not arrest Bob. What do you make of these similarities in spite of the tremendous contrasts? For, while I go away and try to find another police officer, Bob may become tired of waiting and he may go away. When my close friend does any wrong activity I cant bear. That man is Bob who tells Jimmy Wells about the promise of meeting here made between himself and his friend twenty years ago. Create an account, are you a teacher trying to get your students engaged with the unusual and fascinating stories.

After Twenty Years Questions and Answers

After Twenty Years Questions Answers - WittyChimp Jimmy also remembered that Bob will come to meet his old friend as planned and promised twenty years ago. I am bound. Jimmy continued to talk to Bob for a while because after twenty years comprehension questions and answers he, as a friend wanted to keep his promise of meeting him. As a cop, he had all the information about his criminal activities. He might have also felt a sense of regret that they didnt converse like pals.
How would you characterize Jimmy as a person, based on the way he behaves over the course of the text alone? He has to manage with the police for the crimes he had committed. Bob is not arrested by Jimmy Wells directly. A cine artist in ordinary costumes. Two close friends Bob and Jimmy meet each other after twenty years. The lines Ill give him half an hour at least. The police officer arrests Bob because he is wanted in Chicago.

There are three characters in the story After Twenty Years. One is Bob who is a true and sincere friend. He want to fulfill his promise at any cost.

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After Twenty Years Comprehension Questions Quiz - t20 world cup 2021 yesterday match Quizizz Question 13: Write the character sketch of Bob. Jimmy cannot, however, bring himself to arrest his friend. He asks Bob why he is standing there.
He is honest, simple and duty-conscious. The reader expects that Bob and Jimmy Wells, the two close friends, would meet each other after long separation. It is.m. See for yourself after twenty years comprehension questions and answers why 30 million people use. Bob identifies that the man he is talking to is not after twenty years comprehension questions and answers his friend. Was Bob hopeful of his friends arrival? Bob does not recognize Jimmy in the police uniform.

His friend Jimmy is dutiful and honest person. He gives preference to duty over friendship. The third character who comes to arrest Bob is also a police officer. 3 educator answers After Twenty Years, why did the two friends part in After Twenty Years?

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After Twenty Years Story Quiz: Exam! Twenty minutes after twenty years comprehension questions and answers later, a tall t20 group list man in plain clothes comes to meet Bob. So he sends t20 group list another police officer to do the work. Choose the right option.
It is my moral duty. Bob tells the policeman that he (Bob) has kept his promise. The moral of the story: Duty is more important than friendship. Who is Jimmy Wells? The differences between Bobby and Jimmy really stand out, but what are some of the ways that they are similar to each other? How did the cop come to understand that Bob had been successful in the West? What did he keep doing while on his rounds? Thus, he could afford. Moving around hitting every one with a stick.

What did they promise each other twenty years ago? Bob and Jimmy both grew up in New York City, but when. After Twenty Years Questions Answers.