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(dima) 2 (dvi) (dvitya) 3 (tri) (ttya) 4 (catur) (caturtha) 5 (pacan) (pacama) 6 (a) (aha) 7 (sapta) (saptama) 8 (aa) (aama) 9 (nava) (navama) 10 (daa) (daama). Counting numbers and time up Sanskrit Numbers From 21 to 40). Chaturdaash, fourteen, panchdaasha, fifteen, shodash, sixteen, saptadasha.
The suffix  Daash is notable in the numbers from eleven to nineteen. In Sanskrit Transliteration from Sanskrit Hindi English 26 aviati Twenty Six 27 saptaviati Twenty Seven 28 aaviati Twenty Eight 29, navaviati, ekonatriat Twenty Nine 30 triat Thirty 31 ekatriat Thirty One 32 dvtriat Thirty Two 33 trayastriat Thirty Three. Its quite easy if you understand Hindilearning the Sanskrit numbers and counting becomes a piece of cake. In Sanskrit, transliteration from Sanskrit, in Hindi. Sanskrit Counting from 1 to 100. Play with them, have fun. One  ( ekam). These numbers are shown in the. Sanskrit English ekaashtihi Sixty-one dvyshtihi Sixty-two tryshtihi Sixty-three chaturaashtihi Sixty-four panchaashtihi Sixty-five shadashtihi Sixty-six saptashtihi Sixty-seven ashtashtihi Sixty-eight navaashtihi Sixty-nine saptatihi Seventy ekasaptatihi Seventy-one dvisaptatihi Seventy-two trisaptatihi Seventy-three chatuhusaptatihi Seventy-four panchasaptatihi Seventy-five shatsaptatihi Seventy-six saptasaptatihi Seventy-seven ashtasaptatihi Seventy-eight navasaptatihi Seventy-nine asheetihi Eighty ekaasheetihi.

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Sanskrit Counting 1 to 100 The table is given below deals with numbers 1 to 20 counting in the Sanskrit language. Look at the certain numbers like three and nine which is threeni and nava respectively. Note : all links on this site to m, and are affiliate links.
So by clicking on these links you can help to support this site. Three, chatwaari, four, pancha, five, sHAT, six. Sanskrit, english, ekamvishatihi, twenty-one, dvavimshatihi Twenty-two trayovimshatihi Twenty-three chaturvimshatihi Twenty-four panchvimshathi Twenty-five shadvimshatihi Twenty-six saptvimshatihi Twenty-seven ashtvimshatihi Twenty-eight navvimshatihi Twenty-nine trimshat Thirty ektrimshat Thirty-one dvatrimshat Thirty-two trayatrimshat Thirty-three chaturtrimshat Thirty-four padmatrimshat Thirty-five shattrimshat Thirty-six sapttrimshat Thirty-seven ashtatrimshat Thirty-eight navatrimshat Thirty-nine. Seven 8 aama, eight 9 navama Nine 10 daama Ten 11 ekdaa Eleven 12 dvdaa Twelve 13 t20 world cup semi final list trayodaa Thirteen 14 caturdaa Fourteen 15, pacadaa, pacadaa Fifteen 16 odaa Sixteen 17 saptadaa Seventeen 18 adaa Eighteen 19, ekonaviati, naviati Nineteen. How to count in Sanskrit a classical language of India, which is still used as a religious and ceremonial language, and as a spoken language to some extent. With the popular demand of our readers, we have ventured to provide Sanskrit counting from 1 to 100 in Hindi, English, and numerals. It should also be noticed that there are lots of Sanskrit counting numbers that we use in our daily life because they are so much similar to their Hindi counterpart. Now, as you all must have noticed that just like the other words, the words describing a particular number is also formed from infections.

Sanskrit, numbers From 1 to 20, alright, Let us learn how to count numbers. Learning numbers is not only fun it is important. Look at the certain numbers like three and nine which is threeni and nava respectively.

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1 to 125 Counting in Sanskrit So that you can easily learn counting in sanskrit. Sanskrit English ekachatvaarimshat Forty-one dvichatvaarimshat ban vs scotland t20 Forty-two trichatvaarimshat Forty-three chatushchatvaarimshat Forty-four panchchatvaraarimshat Forty-five shaatchatvaarismshat Forty-six saptachatvaarimshat Forty-seven ashtachatvaarimshat Forty-eight naavachatvaarimshat Forty-nine paanchaashat Fifty ekpanchaashat Fifty-one dvipanchaashat Fifty-two tripanchaashat Fifty-three chatuhupanchaashat Fifty-four panchapanchaashat Fifty-five shatpanchaashat Fifty-six saptapanchashaat Fifty-seven ashtapanchaashat Fifty-eight naavapanchaashat Fifty-nine shattihi Sixty. Home, sanskrit lesson 1 to 125 Counting in Sanskrit we are providing you the counting of numbers in Sanskrit, hindi english from 1 to 125.
Ten (dasha after the number Ten, you see that the numbers till Nineteen the suffix dasha, in a way similar to the siffix -teen in English! If you can provide recordings, please contact. Alright, Let us learn how to count numbers. This article deals with how should one address the figures in the Sanskrit language. Ten, ekaadash, eleven, dvadaash. Twenty (vimshatihi ban vs scotland t20 we now know how to count numbers till twenty. Five ( pancha). A similar thing can also be noticed about the words signifying the set of thirty-one to thirty nine.

They sound very similar, aren t they? It makes it easy to remeber! One ( ekam).

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Answered Counting in Sanskrit 1 to 20 I - Brainly Sanskrit counting is quite useful in learning the language as well and also understanding various sentences used in common conversation. In Sanskrit Transliteration from Sanskrit Hindi English 51 ekapacat Fifty One 52 dvpacat Fifty Two 53 tripacat Fifty Three 54 catupacat Fifty Four 55 pacapacat Fifty Five 56 apacat Fifty Six 57 saptapacat Fifty Seven 58 aapacat Fifty. Now natwest t20 blast 2021 we shall deal with numbers from twenty-one to forty in the table given below. In Sanskrit Transliteration from Sanskrit Hindi English 76 asaptati Seventy Six 77 saptasaptati Seventy Seven 78 aasaptati Seventy Eight 79, navasaptati, ekonti, nti Seventy Nine 80 ati Eighty 81 ekti Eighty One 82 dvti Eighty Two 83 trayti.
Saapt, seven, ashta, eight, nAAV, nine, daash. Look at the table below to get acquainted with the 1 to 100 counting in Sanskrit language. Eight (ashta). Similar patterns continue, now we look at numbers from sixty to 100 on the next page. Omniglot is how I make my living. This can be understood with an example given below: Vimshatihi means twenty, note that all the words signifying one to twenty counting in sanskrit the numbers twenty one to twenty nine will have the vimshatihi as word final. Two ( dve) ree ( treeni).

Two ( dve) ree ( treeni). Sanskrit : English : ekaashtihi: Sixty- one : dvyshtihi : Sixty-two: tryshtihi: Sixty-three. Sanskrit Counting from 1 to 100. 1 (eka) (prathama) (agrima) (dima) 2 (dvi) (dvitya) 3 (tri) (ttya) 4 (catur) (caturtha) 5 (pacan) (pacama) 6 (a).